Announcing Poetry 1.5.0

Published on May 19, 2023 in Releases with tags 1.X 1.5

The Poetry team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Poetry 1.5.0.

If you have a previous version of Poetry installed via the official installer, getting Poetry 1.5.0 is as easy as:

$ poetry self update

Highlights #

Improved source management #

Poetry 1.5 improves the handling of package sources. It deprecates the flags default and secondary and introduces a new key priority, which can have the values default, primary and secondary as well as two new priorities explicit and supplemental. Sources with the priority explicit are only searched if the source is explicitly specified for a dependency. Supplemental sources are only searched if the package is not found in any other source with a higher priority. Further, the priority of the implicit PyPI source can be changed now. Thereby, the priority secondary is not required anymore and has been deprecated. For further details see the documentation.

Improved caching of URL and git dependencies #

In previous versions, URL dependencies where downloaded several times for dependency resolution and installation and git dependencies were rebuilt for every installation even though a commit hash had been locked. In Poetry 1.5, URL dependencies are downloaded only once and wheels built from git dependencies are cached as well.

Other important Changes #

Removing the old deprecated installer #

The old deprecated installer and the corresponding setting were removed. This step was necessary because the old installer blocked dependency updates that were required to fix some bugs. Besides the new modern installer introduced in Poetry 1.4, the former default installer is still available by setting installer.modern-installation to false.

Upcoming Changes #

Dropping support for Python 3.7 as runtime environment #

Poetry 1.5 will be the last minor version with runtime support for Python 3.7.

This change is about installing and running Poetry itself. Managing projects requiring Python 3.7 will still be supported.

Changelog #

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