Announcing Poetry 1.2.0rc1

Published on August 23, 2022 in Releases with tags 1.X 1.2

The Poetry team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Poetry 1.2.0rc1.

If you have a previous version of Poetry installed via the official installer, getting Poetry 1.2.0rc1 is as easy as:

$ poetry self update --preview

With this release, Poetry 1.2 now enters a stabilization phase, where no new feature will be merged.

Since 1.2.0rc1 is a near-exact representation of 1.2.0, we invite users to test this release and report issues using the issue tracker.

Documentation for Poetry 1.2 is available here. We also invite users to report any issue found in the documentation, whether it’s typos, unclear definitions or missing things.

For a complete list of changes, you can refer to the change log.

Removal of some deprecated 1.2-only CLI options #

During the development of Poetry 1.2, some new commands and arguments for supporting plugins and dependencies groups were added, then deprecated and replaced. If you were using them on Poetry 1.2 pre-releases, the following commands/arguments have been removed/replaced:

Support for yanked releases (PEP 592) #

Poetry now supports yanked releases, as defined by PEP 592, for both PyPI and PEP 503-compatible repositories.

Adding a dependency version that is yanked, or installing a project that depends on yanked releases, will now raise a warning:

$ poetry add cryptography==37.0.3

Warning: The locked version 37.0.3 for cryptography is a yanked version. Reason for being yanked: Regression in OpenSSL.
$ poetry install

Warning: The file chosen for install of cryptography 37.0.3 (cryptography-37.0.3-cp36-abi3-manylinux_2_24_x86_64.whl) is yanked. Reason for being yanked: Regression in OpenSSL.

Support for subdirectories in git dependencies #

It is now possible to define a subdirectory for Poetry to look for when adding a git dependency, which is useful when a git dependency stores its build definition in a subdirectory in the repository.

To specify a subdirectory to look for, you can use subdirectory (see documentation for usage in pyproject.toml):

$ poetry add git+