The Poetry team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Poetry 1.1.5.

This release is a bugfix release.

If you have a previous version of Poetry installed via the official installer, getting Poetry 1.1.5 is as easy as:

$ poetry self update


  • Fixed an error in the export command when no lock file existed and a verbose flag was passed to the command. (#3310)
  • Fixed an error where the pyproject.toml was not reverted when using the add command. (#3622)
  • Fixed errors when using non-HTTPS indices. (#3622)
  • Fixed errors when handling simple indices redirection. (#3622)
  • Fixed errors when trying to handle newer wheels by using the latest version of poetry-core and packaging. (#3677)
  • Fixed an error when using some versions of poetry-core due to an incorrect import . (#3696)
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